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The Millenia Companies Distribution Center and Corporate Offices

Millenia Metals Corporate Office

Millenia Corporate Office Millenia Metals West

1345 Norwood
Itasca, IL 60143

Tel: (630) 458-0401
Fax: (630) 458-1271 

1555 Vintage
Ontario, CA 91761

Tel: (909) 854-0400 


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Sima Cohen Inside Sales Representative Ext 1120
Marlene Calderon Accounting Ext 7901
Keith Dawson Full Line Sales Representative Ext 1104
Kathleen Grady Full Lines Sales Representative Ext 1138
Christine Gregory Operations Manager Ext 7929
Tammy Hanns Payables Manager Ext 1136
Joan Jarmuth Traffic Manager Ext 1123
Cherise Jolly Purchasing Manager 909-969-2108
Jeff Kornatowski Roll Forming Supervisor Ext 1133
Greg Krupa Product Engineering Ext 7914
Monica Licata Administration Ext 1100
Joe Matthews Full Line Sales Representative Ext 1115
Patrick Milet Vice-President, Sales Ext 1127
Mark Nawrock Designer Ext 7915
Tina Nunes Customer Service Manager Ext 1121
Stephanie Owens HR Manager Ext 1189
 Bob Pelisek Itasca Plant Manager Ext 1130
Michael Pickett Accounting Manager Ext 1109
Chris San Roman Inside Sales Representataive Ext 7975
Kim Schmidt Cabinet Group Project Manager Ext 7927
Al St. John Full Lines Sales Representative Ext 1113
Mike Suiro Full Lines Sales Representative Ext 1122
Oscar Tiongco Roll Form Engineering Ext 1107
Dave Verbeck Millenia West Full Line Sales 909-854-0400
Chris Vosnos Inside Sales Coordinator-Cabinet Group Ext 7930
Kevin West Itasca Plant Supervisor Ext 1136
Peter Wozniczka VP Business Development Ext 7404

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There are a number of solutions to finding the right material to fit the right application.

If you are not meeting government or automotive applications for your finished part, you may be faced with a few choices of material.

If you call us for our expert advice, we can pass along our years of experience and make cost saving suggestions for both raw material and finished parts.

And if you want to learn more about how we can provide a fabricated part from one of our companies or business partners, we can share that advice as well. We look forward to fielding your questions.

Call The Millenia Products Group:

Corporate Office:
Itasca, IL:  (630) 458-0401

Millenia Metals West:
Ontario, CA:  (909) 854-0400

The Millenia Companies

Millenia Metals
1345 Norwood
Itasca, Il 60143
(T) 630-458-0401 
(F) 630-458-1271

Millenia West

Millenia West
Riverside, CA
(T) 909-854-0400

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