Steel Coating and Treatment Options


Millenia Metals offers a variety of Steel Coating and Treating Options including:

  • Chem Treat Dry Hot Dipped:  A corrosion resistant hot dipped used in most duct work that doesn’t need to be painted.  The chemical treatment prevents the formation of white rust over a long period of time.

  • Bonderized Galvanized:  The best product to combine corrosion resistance and superior paintability.

  • Galvannealed:  A paintable hot dipped surface with a higher iron content.  It  is provided dry for additional corrosion resistance.  Galvannealed is provided chem treat dry or oiled.  We cannot guarantee product that is non chem treat dry.
  • Stainless steel:  The most corrosion resistant of all HVAC steels.  Used in the appropriate atmosphere, stainless will remain corrosion free for long periods of time.

  • Aluminum:  Another very  corrosive non ferrous product used in a number of spiral wound duct applications.

  • Perforated:  Available in steel, aluminum, galvannealed and stainless coils and sheets.   Has a number of applications for spiral duct usage.  

  • PVC:  Typically offered in .4 mil coatings on both sides of a galvanized strip for use in chemical plants and other applications where there is a highly corrosive or humid atmosphere like swimming pools.  

  • Anti-Microbial Steel:  Steel with a special coating applied where contractors have to meet strict anti-microbial standards

  • Oiled: Non-Chem Treated, lightly oiled

  • Phosphate: Phosphate treatments with a light corrosive resistant chrome treatment

  • Polished: :  Available on electrogalvanized, a brushed finish for applications that require the appearance of brushed stainless steel. Following the brushing process, a chem treatment or acrylic treatment can be applied for corrosion resistance.

  • Non-Chrome: Electro can be provided with a non-chrome surface applied after the coating process.

  • Acrylic: Acrylic finished electro is offered for customers seeking finger print resistance as well as superior corrision resistance. 

  • Hot Dipped Galvanized: Hot dipped can be provided in gages from .010 to .200 in custom widths and lengths. Hot dipped is available with the surface treatments described in the electro section above with the exception of the polished surface. The following hot dipped products are available:
    • Bright spangle: The traditional large flower product commonly used in agricultural applications where paintability is not important.
    • Min spangle: The most common finish provided where aesthetics are important and paintability is an issue.
    • Min spangle extra smooth: A temper passed product offered where superior paintability is desired and surface texture in exposed electronic applications is important

Ask for Advice



There are a number of solutions to finding the right material to fit the right application.

If you are not meeting government or automotive applications for your finished part, you may be faced with a few choices of material.

If you call us for our expert advice, we can pass along our years of experience and make cost saving suggestions for both raw material and finished parts.

And if you want to learn more about how we can provide a fabricated part from one of our companies or business partners, we can share that advice as well. We look forward to fielding your questions.

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